Another game on Thursday, I was White against guy rated 1937.  His rating exceeded 2000 on November 1,  then went down. I was worse most of the game, battled and missed my “golden bullet” – forced win shown me by my opponent after the game and “silver” one too – a draw 2 moves after that. Here is the game.
He played Pirc defense, opening I don’t know well and don’t like to play against.  My 6th move was not the best, with 2 losses for White in DB.  The best plan was probably to castle queenside, but I wasn’t ready for that.
I tried to make the play similar to the play in Rossolimo with exchanged bishop, stable center and attack on the kingside. I got worse after missing 18… Ng4, when because of Qb6+ threat I had to put for exchange my black-colored bishop.
After 22. Ng5 Bf6 23. Nf3 Bg7 I played 24. Ng5 thinking about Bf6 and possible 3-fold repetion, but I forgot that before move 22 bishop was on h8, so Bh6 with a pin was unexpected. I found a way to minimize my losses, losing a pawn.
He had less time than me and with my position being worse I decided to play sharp and try to get him into time trouble.  Pawn sacrifice ce on e4 was correct, but on e5 wasn’t.  Still he did’n make the exact moves and my knight went on e5 for 3 pawns.
A bit later his 40…Kf8 could cost him a game. I didn’t see 41. Re8+! and then I missed a draw after 43. Ke3!.  After he managed to exchange the queens, I found myself in completely lost endgame with him having about 2 minutes (I had about 5).  I played to the bitter end and he mated me with 1 minute remaining.