It’s an old Russian proverb.
Another game in the club, regular G/90.
It wasn’t one of the guys I expected, but still ~1500 rated.
This is a pairing you get when you are in the last quarter of the table.
Due to my standing and his rating I felt like my back was up against the wall,
I had to win no matter what.  Here is the game.
It was crazy,  I made a few risky moves,  couldn’t calculate all the lines and just relied on my gut feeling.
He started Nf3, I was able to transpose it to Benko gambit. After some positional play on the queenside I finally made the move similar to the one I didn’t make in the last game – 21…Nd3, at least I had 1 hour left. By the way Fritz approves this move and doesn’t like his exchange after that. He missed a fork after 23. Re3, but I couldn’t imagine all the complications I was getting into after winning the exchange.  Fritz by the way in no hurry to make that fork. I wanted to play 26…Rc5, but didn’t like 27.b4. Fritz says Rc5 is good and gives a line proving it (see the comment). I attacked with 27…f5, then some not the best moves from both sides followed. I played e4 one move later than should,  giving him the only opportunity to get advantage (there could be a pretty nasty endgame for me), but 31. Nbd4 was not easy to find, he made a mistake giving advantage to me, which I almost lost by playing “strong” move 32…Ne3, but then he missed mate in 3.
I was happy to win and it was a first win with Benko after 2 draws with higher rated opponents when I didn’t use all my chances.