I played yesterday in the club,  regular G/90.  Here is the game.
It was one of 3 guys I expected  (Swiss+possible byes).
I knew that as White after 1. e4 e5 he doesn’t play my favorite Ruy, rather Four knights or Italian which I don’t like.
So I decided to go with French. It became Exchange variation, which is not my style and I think it showed. I got under pressure on “e” and had to watch over “e6” square all the time.  It really remainded  me a positional war like World War I with soldiers mostly remaining in trenches and exchanging fire.
He tried to attack on kingside, but I halted his “h” pawn.
Then I realized that I am intercepting the initiative.
He had 5-10 minutes less than me, about 25-30 minutes, got a bit nervous and started to repeate the moves. I spent some time improving the position of my knights and we got equal,  15 minutes each. I saw the move 39… Ne4+, by the way Fritz wanted Ne4+ on move 33 and 35,  and that I get passed pawn after exchange, but having difficulty fully evaluate the position, with only 15 minutes for arising complications and feeling somewhat tired after long previous defense I offered a draw (even forgot that I should make a move). He agreed, of course.  Fritz at home offered instead of 39…Ne4+ – 39… Qe8 40. Kg1 Ne4 and evaluated line after that as ~-0.75.  I didn’t see Qe8 anyway.
Maybe I’ll run shootout between Crafty and Fritz to see what could be the result.