Yesterday I played in the last round of the Swiss tournament going on in my club.
I was pretty high in standings,  so got a master. I played with him about a year and
a half ago. He was White, played English opening and strangled me in 30 moves,
finally I was in complete zugzwang and resigned.
It was a different game now.  I lost in 40 moves but put up a good fight before
blundering under pressure on move 32.  Here you can see the game.
I was White and it was Sicilian, Moscow variation – 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5 .
He played 3. … Nc6,  I never had it before, usually it was Bd7. I transformed it into Rossolimo variation by Bxc6. He started to press me on the queenside, then played f5. It was played twice before against me with no positional ground, I won both games. Here it was sound. Soon he moved all his kingside pawns, I got counter-play in the
center. I won a pawn, he got attack, Fritz considered it equal. Then feeling strong pressure I thought about relieving it by sacrificing exchange for the pawn in the center (Fritz absolutely didn’t like this idea,  giving -2.70 evalution after 5 moves). By the way, Fritz  didn’t see any reason to panic and evaluated the continuation without sac as equal – -0.30. But I am not Fritz …
After spending quite some time,  I decided to give that sac up and instead,  quickly played general defending move by the queen. Time was pressing, we had about 30 minutes left and it was intense middlegame. He moved g3 right away and to my horror I realized that my knight has nowhere to move.  After losing the knight the position started to deteriorate.  He sacrificed the bishop on g4,  I couldn’t take it because of check on “h” and mate on diagonal a7-g1.  Then he sacked the bishop again on h3 and it was over.
I still feel upset, the result wasn’t surprise for me,  of course,  but maybe I could do better.  Anyway, the tournament was good, I got 4.5/8 and ~2100 performance rating
which hopefully will raise my rating over 1800.