I just ran an OTB game that I played a year ago through Fritz 11 using “Blundercheck” mode and Fritz showed me an interesting possibility that I missed.  Here is the combination that I didn’t see.  I am White, the position arised from  Owen Defense – 1.e4 b6.


White to move,  I played 14. Qe4.  Fritz suggests better move,  quite paradoxical – 14. Rfd1! and after 14. … Bxd1 15. Rxd1 Rad8 Rad8 16. Bxh7+ getting ~1.50  advantage.


What about 15. … Rxd1 Rad8 16. Qe8 ? Then follows 16. Qe4 g6 17. Bb5


getting 2 pieces for the rook.

I just liked the combination of several tactical motifs here – discovered attack (Bh7+),  double attack ( Qe4, though literally the knight is still defended by the Queen) and pin (Bb5).  As for the weaknesses, we see:

  1.  h7
  2.  White occupies important b1-h7 diagonal,
  3. White can occupy “d” vertical (by using sacrifice!).
  4. Knight  on C6 not very stable,  can also be pinned

In the game I tried to use 1 and 2, then 4.   Fritz used all 4 at once.