Last Thursday I was able to attend lecture and simul given by GM Evgeny Bareev. He is an elite GM,  in October 2003 he was in fourth place in the world rankings, with an Elo rating of 2739.  He reached the quarterfinals in the FIDE World Championships in 1999 and 2001,  and was a semifinalist in the Candidates Tournament for the classical world championship at Dortmund 2002. Also he was a second to Kramnik in his matches with Kasparov and Leko. He wrote a book  “From London to Elista” which became a winner of the English chess federation 2008 Book-of-the-Year Award, the most prestigious chess book prize in the world.

The lecture was about Caro-Kann, which he is playing, also he answered some questions. I was impressed how easy he was throwing variations and lines, at the same time showing the whole picture of the opening. By the way, the “hot” line now is 1.e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. f3 – never saw it.  I already tried it blitz and started also correspondence game with it.  He talked about World Championship match, said that there is a chance that it will be in Sofia if there will be an additional 500,000 – 700,000.  He said that there are tough times now, with the sponsors disappearing one after another. I asked him, what about Carlsen or Aronian becoming World Champion in the next 3 years and he said – definitely.  He has a great sense of humor and the audience was really enjoing the conversation.

Then the simul started,  there were 24 people playing. I was glad to get  1. e4,  but his second move 2. Bc4 got me thinking.

Here is the game:

1. e4 e5 2. Bc4 Nf6 3. d3 Be7 4. f4


Crafty says I had to play 4….d5 here,  I agree, I played 4 . … Nc6.  5. Nf3 d6 6. O-O O-O 7. Nc3 Bd7 8. a3 h6 9. f5 – this is for playing too passively.

5. Nf3 d6 6. O-O O-O 7. Nc3 Bd7 8. a3
h6 9. f5


9. f5 Re8 10. Kh1 Na5 11. Ba2 c5 12. Rg1 Rc8 13. g4 c4 14. g5 – Crafty still estimates it only as 0.18, but I already had a bad feeling.


14. … hxg5 15. Bxg5 Nh7 – I didn’t like this move almost as soon as I did it, Crafty – 1.62 . 16. Bxe7 Qxe7 17. Nd5 Qd8


17. Nd5 Qd8 18. Qd2 Kh8 – threatened  Qh6 19. Rg3 f6 – another bad move, Crafty offers – 19. … cxd3 20. Qxd3 Nc6 21. Rag1 Bxf5 22. exf5 e4 23. Qc4 exf3 24. Rxg7 with 1.6 estimate.


20. Rag1 Rg8 – Crafty again recommends cxd3 and Bxf5. 21. Nh4 Ng5 – I saw coming sacrifice, but g5 just prolonged the agony, so I decided what the hell! He thought max 2 seconds, then 22. Qxg5! – Black resigned  (22. … Qe8 23. Rh3 fxg5 24. Ng6# or  22. … fxg5 23. Ng6+ Kh7 24. Rh3# ).


I asked for his autograph and he signed the score sheet. I was consoled by the organizer that one of the participating masters lost at the same time. The total was – +19, =3, -2, there were a few masters and experts, the rest I think – “A” and “B”.