Actually the chances of playing it are lower than matching 4 out of 6 in 6/49 lottery – 1: 1,032.   I played about 4,000 blitz games, but only yesterday for the first time ever I got Philidor position  ( I never got it in OTB, online correspondence, standard FICS, etc. games).

56. … Kf7  The Black King is going to the queening square of the pawn. The rook is already on the sixth rank, not allowing the White King to advance. 


57. Ra7+ Kg8 58. Kf5 Rb6 59. Re7 Rc6 60. g6 – this is what Black is waiting for,  now there is no defense from the checks from behind


60. … Rc1 61. g7 Rf1+ 62. Kg6 Rg1+ 63. Kf6 Rf1+