Who would think that?  

2 months ago I thought that Petrov is an interesting alternative to my 2. … Nc6 (after winning 1 OTB game) with a clear, easy play and maybe I should add it to my OTB repertoire.  Now, after playing a few Petrov correspondence games I have one draw as White and 2 heavy losses as Black (also another one is coming up), 0.5:3.5.  As Black I get under attack right after a few moves out of the book.  I, probably, don’t understand the strategy here and seriously think about giving it up,  at least for some time. 

What about French defense? I always thought about it as some crowded, passive, etc. opening  (if I am Black) – not my style at all, so I never played it as Black. As White I played Exchange variation, because I considered other variations as tricky, with dangers to my d4 pawn, etc. But recently I decided that it’s a shame to play Exchange and I should learn something better.  I started playing thematic games,  all Tarrash. Because it’s a tournament I have to play Black too.  Suddenly, I have 2 wins as Black, as White – 2 wins are coming up (hopefully), and a chance to win in another one. So,  it could be 4.5:0.5 or 5:0.  I completely understand the ideas for both sides and feel comfortable, … weird.

I consider this interesting, a sharp re-evaluation of the opening.  

I had it before, not to such degree, with Colle and Accelerated Dragon, that I don’t play anymore. Still Colle is not bad, just a bit boring and Accelerated Dragon just doesn’t give the expected results.  Another one is Marshall attack for White, which I was afraid of before playing in a thematic tournament, now I consider it not frightening, but exciting.