It should be interesting day. Our men team is playing with Yemen. Funny,  Yemen put 2100+ rated player on the first board against 2500+, and 2400 on the second one. I think,  Yemen is aiming for a draw creating a match on 2nd and 4th boards. Women’s team is playing against Nigeria, unrated FIDE, for now Nigeria plays pretty decently, but I think higher class should prevail. We will see. 

Carslen is playing with Mamedyarov, it could get sharp, and Kramnik plays against Naiditsch, he lost to Naiditsch recently in Petroff, they are playing Petroff now! It’s another variation.

10.40 am EST. Kramnik drew.  Nigeria team plays well, it’s starting to worry me.

11:25am. Women have advantage on 2nd board, other boards look pretty equal.  Carlsen gave up the bishop for 3 pawns, very sharp position.

12:10pm. Carlsen drew.  Women won on the 2nd and 3rd boards and are winning on the 1st, 4th looks good too.

1:05pm. Men’s team drew 2:2,  women won 4:0. Here is a beautiful finish of the endgame that Natalia Khoudgarian, 1st board, played with Black, position after 46. Kg2-h3 Kf5-f4


Frankly, I couldn’t understand move Kf4 and became really worried.

47. b6 Kf3!! 48. b7 Bg3  


White resigned ( none of the upcoming queens can prevent a checkmate 49. … g4# ).