Friday, 9:47 EST.

So,  Olympiad started, some expected and unexpected results. You can see them, as well as pairings here:

Games begin today at 10am EST (4 pm CET), you can see them live here (not yet):

I decided to follow Carlsen – Meier (Germany) , Korchnoi (my favorite) – Kakageldyev ( Turkmenistan) and again our Canadian team. 

10:11am EST. Games started.  

10:30 am.  Carlsen exchanged queens, position looks equal.

Our women are playing with Costa-Rica, I hope they do better than yesterday, for now they look OK. Men outrate Bolivia by 100-200, I expect them to win.

Old guy wins a pawn on 11th move – go, Korchnoi, go!

1:30pm.  Carlsen drew, Korchnoi won, both our teams are winning.

2:30pm.  Both our teams won – 3.5:0.5, great.