My rating got stuck at a plateau for the last 5 months and it worries me.

Yes, I need to study endgames, improve my calculation skills,
get better in positional play ( openings look OK ) – I know all that, but it’s a long story.
I need a quick fix right now to boost my confidence, let’s say 50 points increase.
It’s not a matter of points, just can I play better?
So,  is there any kind of a magic pill?

I look at the last 2 tournaments I played, 9 games.  What I see is 3 missing opponent’s combinations in 2-3 moves, 2 of them decisive.
By the way, I know these combinations, can do it myself too, but …

For some reason from here I get an idea that if I memorize a few sharp openings, try them online,  then try OTB, it can bring me the result that I want. By the way, it could be worse first, but it will disbalance that freaking straight line, so maybe next time it would be better ( like Carlsen tries to disbalance the position ).
So, a few openings to force me to look for the tactics all the time and to get advantage of some unprepared players ( though some person rated 200-300 points higher would probably get advantage of me ).
Marshall attack I already tried OTB and got a winning chance, then missed it (got a draw), played online about 40 Benko gambits ( still have to analyze that ), tried recently Two Knights Defense (with pretty good results), Blumenfeld gambit (won twice) and Albin counter-gambit (lost once). 

Immersion system works well for the languages, why not for chess?